Mao’s bungalow

In Uncategorized on 23/06/2017 at 2:56 pm

Mao’s old bungalow is still there: one local says it is untouched and permanently empty.

The FT was talking about Mao’s summer home in Beidaihe, a beach resort near Beijing. The CCP leaders go there for their summer holidays, not overseas like our PM. But to be fair to our PM, Mao didn’t earn millions.


  1. Hmmm, I thought at that time no such thing as private property in China? All land & buildings owned by the CCP, and assigned to various municipalities, cities & townships to administer and allocate to both high & low ranking peoples. Pretty much like how your rifle with unique serial number is assigned to you during NS and “belongs” to you for the duration that you’re with that unit. Doesn’t mean you own it. Of course you do own the crap that comes with it. So for “Mao’s” house, its totally up to CCP to decide what or what not to do with it. I think tourists do go & visit once a while, with hawkers selling Mao memorabilia.

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