Oxleygate: We got monkeys as ministers isit?

In Political governance, Public Administration on 23/06/2017 at 10:54 am

But to be fair to our monkeys ministers, I still can’t stop laughing about a White Horse and a White Mare (lineage of Lee and Kwa) KPKBing screaming about the abuse of power, the absence of “checks and balances to prevent the abuse of government”, and how the constructive, nation-building media ignores or disses those that don’t fit into the “right” narratives.

They seriously expect us to think that these are new developments and that they are the first to notice? (More on these matters one of these days.)

Back as to why reasonable people can reasonably conclude that Lee Hsien Loong and the Oxley house cabinet committee members are a bunch of overpaid monkeys, and cocks to boot.

LHL really fixed himself. Here I explained why it was impossible for him to challenge the will in court: it would let world know the family was rowing; and because if he had challenged it and succeeded, the estate would be divided by the law governing situations where’s there no will*, not by an earlier version of dad’s will. Not something a filial, honourable son would do.

So as he couldn’t challenge the will, he should have just sat down and shut up and not KPKB tell his subordinates his suspicions that the will may have been improperly executed. He could comfort himself with the thought that dad’s wish in the will to demolish the house, was just a wish because LKY accepted that the govt could decide not to demolish the house. He personally could sidestep the issue by really recusing himself on the issue of what to do with the house.

As to the cabinet committee members, when they heard his KPKBing suspicions about the execution of the will, they should have told him, “Sorry boss, no can do anything. Not appropriate to do anything since you, rightly as honourable and filial son, didn’t challenge the will in court.

‘So we can’t go into the issue of whether the 9th Immortal was railroaded into signing the will.

‘We have to accept, because it says so in the will, that HE wanted the house demolished .

‘Even if you can get Ho Ching to summon him from Hell Hades his place of honour beside the Jade Emperor, to say that he didn’t want the house demolished, and that he was “fixed”, we have to accept what the will said he wanted.

‘Anyway, what’s the big deal? He accepted that the govt has the final say.”

Seriously I don’t think it was wise of the Lee Hsien Loong or the cabinet committee (and by extension the cabinet) to try to go into the execution of LKY’s will, and that it was a serious and bad mistake to try to do so.

Btw, still think that serious money gets us ministers who are not monkeys?



  1. Also heard some rumours that certain bigshots in the cabinet declined to be part of the ministerial committee even when invited. They felt uncomfortable with the whole issue.

    Seems that the Loon (together with the Jinx??) let emotions get the better of him (them??). After extracting a nice paycheck, together with good charity PR, plus also getting his pound of flesh from bo-tua-bo-suay younger bro, he should basically just FO, intervening ONLY in the event younger bro is NOT demolishing the house. (The sales process could have incorporated a written undertaking for demolition to be completed by XXXX date or 2 months after sis FO, no matter who is the subsequent owner)

    Furthermore, he could easily ensure that URA/SLA land planning & gross plot ratio remain the same. Really there’s no reason why that area should be re-planned or re-zoned to allow high-rise condo cum commercial properties. This will limit whatever profits younger bro can hope to achieve. From pictures of the house area, don’t think it will be possible or economically viable for any developer to even build a 5-storey multi-apartment complex for that prime landed neighbourhood.

    Like Old Fart, the Loon could have kept the family skeletons hidden away from the hoi polloi if he had done the above. Younger bro will not likely be replaying Old Fart interview on endless loop to KPKB that he wanted the place to “go up, build up! Land prices also go up!”. He has much lesser moral high ground to justify it & will simply spotlight his pecuniary objectives to the masses.

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