Shameful silence as M Ravi’s cows come home

In Uncategorized on 01/07/2017 at 4:33 pm

Non-practising lawyer M Ravi was charged on Friday (Jun 30) with one count of criminal trespass “with intent to annoy”, for allegedly trespassing into the offices of law firm Eugene Thuraisingam LLP at People’s Park Complex.

And this isn’t all. A lawyer reported on FB that the police are investigating his complaint that M Ravi beat him up badly. (Finally, someone stood up to complain that he was beaten up by M Ravi. Over the yrs, there’ve been allegations of such beatings, followed up by allegations of his “friends” settling matters so that Ravi’s public image is not hurt.)

He’s in for a rough time.

Whatever, his FB videos and comments seem at the very least to indicate that there should be a medical examination to determine if he’s ill again.

There seems to be a conspiracy of silence or denial by a group of anti-PAP activists (They are really, really very quiet) that usually cheer his every move, egging him on. Maybe they don’t want to him to get compulsorily* treated because of the stigma of him, an icon of the anti-PAP activists, going into Woodbridge.

I mean I never lived down voting for an ex-Woodbridge patient who was bi-polar too. The PAP dubbed him “mad” and “looney”, but I gritted my teeth and voted for him, a WP candidate,because of the “big picture”: the need for an Oppo. Not that it made a difference when the WP finally won a GRC: their MPs juz sat down, looked at their bank statements, grinned and kept quiet most of the time.

But as M Ravi has been charged with a criminal offence, there’s always the Mandatory Treatment Order that the court in its discretion can order. As in his autobiography written in 2014 or 2015, he said he didn’t take his prescribed medicine, he meditated instead, the court could, among other things, order that he be subjected to forced medication.

But if the court orders treatment of any sort, I’m sure these anti-PAP “friends” will scream that the state is abusing its power and that there’s nothing wrong with him.

Can the PAP voters that voted for Dr Tan Cheng Bock (25- 30% of the voters) ever support the causes that such people espouse? I doubt it.


*I was wrong here to think his friends could apply for a  Mandatory Treatment Order. It’s only available in criminal cases. But there’s a separate civil procedure for compulsory treatment.

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