Sounds like Aljunied town council at work

In Political governance on 06/07/2017 at 2:19 pm

In Mosul, the initial relief at liberation from IS’s reign of terror is already turning to grumbling. IS ran services and rubbish collection better, they say. They repaired the potholes in the road faster and kept electricity going.

Seriously if the wankers in the Worthless Party don’t step up their game in providing the basic servives, Aljunied GRC will be PAP once again. And 2011, will prove another false dawn, like 1991. And this time can’t put the blame on Mad Dog Chee.

  1. Oh I’m sure WP runs basic services about as well as most PAPpy constituencies. The problem is that most people won’t be happy simply with “getting by”. They want the hope of much better things in the near future, big projects & initiatives that are gonna jack up their property prices and make their estates “cool”. They don’t see this happening under WP. PAPies promise these and more, and have MSM publicise various such accomplishments in various PAPpy-held estates. That’s why even with lift deaths & amputations, most people still vote PAPies.

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