The S’poreans who are cheapskates

In Uncategorized on 18/07/2017 at 10:26 am

Chris K used a piece of mine (where I asked if S’poreans are willing to pay more for gds and services if there’s a S’poreans First jobs’ policy) to talk about the trade-offs between higher local wages when FTs cannot come in by the cattle truck load, and the govt’s FT policy (which is good for me personally) on his FB wall. An interesting discussion ensured not like the name calling and ranting when TRE used the piece.(Btw his posts are public, so visit his wall. Better still ask to be a friend and follow him.)

When I was writing the piece, I wasn’t so much thinking  about trade-offs between economic policies but more about the mental attitude of S’poreans.

It’s a fact that the cybernuts in TRELand are cheapskates who scrounge off the efforts of Andrew and the rest of TramTRE. They are always pleading poverty for failing to support TRE. TeamTRE finally recently got the message

TRE, unlike other alternative media, depends solely on advertising for income. In the past, we used to seek donations, but we have refrained from doing so due to poor responses.

Another bunch of cheapskates are S’poreans who consider themselves well-off and open-minded progressives. They are bleeding heart liberals who think ang moh are tua kees.

Recently the person who owns Epigram (the leading designer cum book publisher who published “The Art of Charlie Chan” a really classy subversive graphic novel that’s up for a top US award after winning int’l acclaim) got plenty of birthday greetings via Facebook from the progressives.

He used the opportunity to try to raise money for a book prize that his company is sponsoring. He wants to make Singapore Literature Great. To his well wishers, he wrote

Please consider supporting our crowdfunding for the 2017 Epigram Books Fiction Prize. There are three options: $100, $200 and $500. The Prize supports four novelists each year with prize money of $40,000. We’re starting this year’s search for the Great Singaporean Novel by offering 3 very special bundles so you can lend your support to the Prize, too. The upcoming novels are available for pre-purchase, to be delivered to you as soon as each title is released in 2018. The proceeds will go into administering the Prize, and help boost Singapore literature.…/ebfp-2017-crowdfunding

As I know him personally, my FB avatar asked via FB if there was a response from his well wishers. He said “got a few hundred dollars in orders”.

Money Talks BS Walks. No wonder S’pore is a de facto one-party state what with the cheapskates from TRELand and Progressive Land.

For the record my avatar in June donated a few hundred dollars.


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