Mendaki, Sinda refuse to help

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muslim when he was young. But both happy to deduct money from salary of Muslim

Aleem Bhai wrote, “… When I asked for Mendaki Scholarship during my school days, I was denied cos my dad is Pakistani and thus I was considered Indian. I then went to Sinda and was denied because my mom was Malay and thus considered Malay. When I grew up years later and was employed, both Mendaki and Sinda did monthly deductions from my salary. I don’t mind the mosque building fund, it’s my obligation as a Muslim but these 2 shameless bodies also did deductions. I have 3 words to say to u. “Kepala Butoh Lah”

  1. Mendaki gives aid only to the indigenous Malay of Singapore. It is strictly on the basis of race.

    For the reserved presidential election, it is up to the government to define anyone they want, as a member accepted by the Malay community as a member of that community. Such a person need not be of the Malay race.

    It is the same with the first elected president. The person need not be the first president elected after the constitutional change but anyone that the government choose to define as the first president.

    The government has opened a can of worms playing the race card. If it had been honest, it could just amend thee constitution to give itself the power to appoint the president. It do not have to reserve it for a Malay just to disqualify only Dr.Tan Cheng Bock. It would not need to contort itself trying to deny Dr.Tan Cheng Bock the chance to run for election.

    This coming election is alienating everyone, especially the ethnic Malays who will feel that they have been used as an excuse for the government to level the playing field for its favourite to win the election.


  2. A can of worms has opened. After so many years of multiculturalism, just to stop someone and they stoop so low.

    We will get the repercussions many years down the road.

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