AHTC: Ownself sue ownself

In Corporate governance on 26/07/2017 at 5:00 am

A few weeks ago I told an ex-WP member (unhappy with Low and Auntie for messing up) that I expected the independent panel (my take on the panel when it was set up) to take legal action against the town council members to recover the alleged improper payments. I said I didn’t expect any request to the CPIB or the police to investigate.

I was almost right. (Ownself praise ownself)

ST reports that Low, Auntie and her Singh are being sued. As are

Mr Chua Zhi Hon, a former member of the WP Youth Wing executive committee; Mr Kenneth Foo, deputy organising secretary of the WP and WP candidate in Nee Soon GRC in the 2015 General Election; Ms How Weng Fan, owner of the town council’s former managing agent firm FM Solutions and Services (FMSS); and FMSS.

The other two WP MPs* are not being sued, presumably because they knew nothing, nothing about improprieties. And one of them is Chen Show Mao, a partner in a leading Wall St firm, and a leading corporate lawyer.

The amount claimed is $5m.
(The above sentence was deleted and the u/m quote from CNA added on 27 July at 5.00am)

The independent panel is asking to rescind the contracts with FMSS and FMSI, and is seeking compensation of more than S$33 million which it said was wrongfully paid out to the companies – subject to Ms Lim, Mr Low, FMSS, FMSI or Ms How showing which payments were lawful.

AHTC is claiming $622,593.78 in liquidated claims from multiple parties, as well as $4,167,501.71 in unliquidated claims. Additional sums may be involved.


Yes I left out Png Eng Huat as he didn’t join town council until after Hougang by-election in 2012. Update at 10am.

  1. vote for sdp in the next ge in ’20 !

  2. My previous comment in Feb (the original blog post on the independent panel) still stands:

    “It’s a money issue. It’s a foregone conclusion that PAP intends to use the full extent of the law to force them to cough up the money as specified in the KPMG report. Currently it’s about $4.4M in total. I bet they’re trying to get it lowered, as some of the figures are based on assumptions e.g. assumption that the lowest historical bids for other constituencies could be applied to AHTC, assumption that AHTC could have gotten the lowest bid, assumption that those contractors would have even bothered to bid for AHTC’s tenders in the first place, etc. Many contractors would apply a risk premium to quotes for big jobs pertaining to Aljuneid / Punggol East after GE2011 — I know I would.

    PAPies see this as a good chance to re-create another JBJ moment if AHTC MPs are not able to pay up. Although I suspect the group as a whole would be able to pay up. But even so, I think this will destroy whatever cohesiveness left amongst them and effectively destroy them as a GRC team for any future GE.”

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