Airbnb: doing good and making money in S’pore

In Property on 25/08/2017 at 1:10 pm

Chris K today made a comment on FB, “how the heck can one carry on if out of employment outside of monetizing HDB flats”.

There’s a retired (honourably) social activist working in Airbnb’s Asian operations (Got to pay mortgage and cat food bills) who should get Airbnb to lobby the govt to change the rules on short term leases (Now illegal for HDB flats and the govt’s view is that it’s illegal for private housing though the govt’s case for said illegality is convoluted.). Speaking about Western socities

In the meantime, entrepreneurial empty-nesters have found another way to sweat their assets: Airbnb. The over-60s are the fastest-growing group of hosts on the home-sharing site and receive the highest ratings. Almost half of older hosts in Europe say the additional income helps them stay in their home.

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