Can “righteous” ETFs beat AI selected ETF?

In ETFs on 01/09/2017 at 4:40 am

Two ETFs offer Taliban-type Christians* a way to invest in an index that screened out undesirable sectors, such as gambling, alcohol, pornography and companies that support LGBT rights.


Inspire Global Hope ETF

We believe good returns and good values are not mutually exclusive. Inspire Global Hope ETF is designed to create meaningful impact by investing in some of the most inspiring companies from around the globe, while also seeking to provide investors with a low cost, high impact investment that meets the stringent demands of modern investors. All Inspire ETF’s meet biblically responsible investing (BRI) standards, which measure a portfolio’s alignment with biblical values.


Then there’s another that invests in line with Catholic values. Wonder if it has received Pope Francis’s papal blessing?

Remember IBM’s Watson? DBS, among others, is using it to help investors (Er wonder if it recommended Swiber junk bonds?)

Well there’s a move to use Watson to systematically pick stocks that will go into an “active” ETF.

Will God trump AI?

*Sounds like it’s also halal or sharia-compliant.


  1. I prefer “war” stocks & “vice” stocks. Proven to give good long-term returns.

    For war stocks, I tend to go for ITA etf.

    For vice stocks, there’s the Vice Fund — but it’s US mutual fund, so cannot easily invest. I simply check out it’s regular fact sheet for the top 10 holdings, and use that as starting point.

    Since many vice stocks are classified as consumer staples, you can simply go for a relevant ETF. Many of the companies are also Dividend Aristocrats or Dividend Achievers.
    Quite a few good consumer staples ETFs. E.g. XLP

    There’s also a booze/alcohol ETF & another marijuana ETF. But both are new and unproven.

    Sin investing is definitely more fun!!

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