Demotion? What demotion?

In Political governance on 06/09/2017 at 6:01 am

The constructive, nation-building media are reporting what the PM and other ministers are saying about Tan Chuan-Jin moving from the post of cabinet minister to the post of Speaker (which I call a BS post).

The anti-PAP cyber warriorsane and nutty, are calling it a demotion.

If I were the latter, I’d sit down and shut up and wait to see what happens.

Going by what PM said about Speaker being part of his team, I suspect that the Speaker will be given outside parly responsibilities. It’ll be a “special duties” post. Breaking with Westminster tradition and convention, but then we really left that years ago.

Fyi, the salary of the Speaker is S$550k. It is pegged to the MR4 benchmark for a Minister but there’s a cut by 50%  if the Speaker is not full time.  But if an Speaker is full time, MR4 applies.


  1. Whether or not there is a demotion wiil depend on whether Mr. Tan will be full-time Speaker, which is unlikely due to the limited reponsibilities of the job. In any event the possibilty of being tasked with ‘outside reponsibilities’ is unlikely because the PM would have stated so in his announcement.Such responsibilities may conflict with his duties as Speaker in any event. Even a full-time Speaker would lose a maximum of 6 months’ performance and national bonuses as they have been taken away.

  2. I beg to differ. Look at his response on facebook and in the media interview, and how his friends are responding too. It is a clear demotion. He has obviously stepped on someone’s toes.

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