Tan CJ: Jesus Christ Superstar?

In Political governance on 10/09/2017 at 2:43 pm

People are worked up about chuan jin’s “demotion.”
Does it send a signal that people oriented leaders are a danger?

Tay Kheng Soon

The above post on FB led to a lot of comments from usually non-nutty anti-PAP paper warriors that he’s a really people-oriented leader and that he really cares for less well-off S’poreans. Some comments made him sound like Jesus Christ Superstar. (Btw he’s really a staunch Christian.)


Kee chui all those who knew that he was a really, great compassionate guy before his “demotion”?

Well I for one didn’t know these things about him. And neither did social media or the internet prior to his demotion.

He was tot of as another one of the ex-paper generals parachuted into the cabinet. And while he was touted as a contender for PM, cyberspace really didn’t think that he was that good. But then neither did cyberspace much of the other “horses”.

Suddenly, he’s Jesus Christ Superstar.

Did people only learn of his compassion and people skills after PM said,

I have asked him to maintain his interest in environmental and social issues, and his concern for the needy and disadvantaged.”


And because the constructive, nation-building said so

A soldier, a sportsman and an advocate for social causes ranging from children to the elderly and the workers in Singapore – Mr Tan Chuan-Jin has at some point in his life straddled one or more of these vocations.


Come on anti-PAP FB commenters, don’t be cybernuts. Where’s the evidence that he’s Jesus Christ Superstar? Why didn’t the anti-PAP cyberwarriors praise him before his “demotion”?

The praises only began after he was “demoted” and PM’s and the constructive, nation-building media’s take on him.

Don’t be sheep.

(The following added on 11September at 5.00am)

Don’t forget his much ridiculed comment about old women telling him they were were collecting cardboard “for exercise”.

Or have his new fans come to the view that he was fixed? After all I wrote recently

It was so easy for the anti-PAP websites to verify if this was not true, and that they needed the money. But none did. All they had to do was to ask the old women as he had identified where they were operating from.

It’s difficult to do investigative journalism here (juz ask Terry’s Online Channel). But in this case, it was so easy.

But maybe someone did ask the women, and found that they were really exercising. So better to keep quiet about the truth?

“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

  1. JC Superstar? More like JC the Roman, “I came to praise Caesar, not to bury him”.

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