NLB is very sensitive about Malays and Muslims

In Uncategorized on 30/09/2017 at 10:52 am

All this talk about Malays and Islam by the PM etc and the response in cyberspace example reminded me of a recent FB exchange.

Someone spotted a prominent publisher at the NLB offices and FBed the fact. As there had been something on multiculuralim in ST, another person asked he was there to persuade the National Library Board to buy copies of the u/m books he published on the four races

The publisher replied that NLB had bought copies of three of the books, but not the one on Malays.

He explained that NLB was concerned that the cover read “Why do Malays avoid pork?” Another problem was that the text implied that the prophet Mohammed founded Islam.


















  1. Din see the book . but from the title it seems to implied that all Malays are Muslims .. . In all I think the title is not very sensitive any way. So all or most Indians dot their heads??

    • The “Malay” community wanted the definition of Malay to include being Muslims like in M’sia. PAP said no. It’s a fact that Malays who openly leave Islam are ostracised.

  2. a fact – in m’sia & sg (indonesia ?), all malays are born as muslims.

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