Only in the Trump administration

In Uncategorized on 19/10/2017 at 4:29 pm

So surreal.

From NYT Dealbook

Recalcitrant lawmakers may have more ammunition for their stance from an unusual source: a Harvard University economist whose work has been cited by the White House in its assertion that lower corporate taxes could raise household incomes by as much as $9,000.
Jim Tankersley, NYT:
The top end of that estimate was based on work by a trio of researchers, and on Tuesday one of them, Mihir Desai of Harvard, said Mr. Trump’s team had misread the research. The actual income gain implied by his study, he estimated, would be $800.
Mr. Trump’s economic team disagreed — saying Mr. Desai had erred in interpreting his own paper.
  1. …. FAKE ….. NEWS ….. I REPEAT …. FAKE …. NEWS …..
    My tax reform …. and I’ve been advised on this by the best tax advisors …. THE … BEST …. is that MY tax reform … will give every … American …. family …. A YUUUUUUUGE …. RAISE IN INCOME …. YUUUUUUUGE RAISE!!

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