WP MPs are still not organised in parly

In Uncategorized on 06/11/2017 at 4:32 pm

Extract of interview with Low’s anointed one Dennis Tan last year

Does WP MPs coordinate on topics they are focusing on, or does the party leadership leave it to the MPs to decide on the topics?

“At this moment, there is no such arrangement. We are expected to cover all important issues that affect all Singaporeans.

Like the last term, some MPs may have definitely have some preference. Yee Jenn Jong, for example liked to talk about education and business issues; Gerald liked to talk about healthcare and transport issues — as time goes on in the next couple of months I think I expect some of us may have developed certain preferences. Having said that, we are expected to cover all the issues because there’s so few of us and we don’t really have a choice.”

So since the 2011 GE, WP MPs have not organised themselves so that they can shadow individual ministers and ministries.


  1. Hey Anti-WP author,

    There’s no proper parliament in Singapore, what do you expect WP do do? Protest like useless SDP who hired US intern?

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