Amos the stupid

In Uncategorized on 11/11/2017 at 1:15 pm

Amos Yee: “But to me, it’s very important that I lead the kind of life I want and do the things I love, a part-time job that takes hours off your day ruins that. The feeling of ‘shamelessness’ on relying on others for money is much more worth making half your life or more of your life miserable, at least for me.”

Well he should have sought asylum in a Nordic country where the state will make sure he won’t starve if he doesn’t work.

The US may be the “Land of the free, where the buffalo roam” but it ain’t very generous to those not willing to work.

But doubtless Mother Mary will send money. But the TRE cybernut rats and their ang moh tua kee allies will only send their love.


  1. kj (who flew to usa to testify for lazy a. yee) is a rich bloke, and so is that phd fellow who has a university teaching job at harvard.

  2. Why would Shengwu donate to the fucker fucking fuker support of child fucking porn?

  3. the answer : my enemy of my enemy is my friend

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