MRT collision is no play play

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Can really be jialat safety and convenience issues.

What happened has implications for the on-going introduction piecemeal introduction of the new signaling system.

The faulty train was operating on both the old and new signalling systems. The old signalling system currently operates from Pasir Ris to Pioneer, while the new system – which allows trains to arrive more frequently during peak hours – operates from Joo Koon to Tuas Link.

Given the finding, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan instructed the separation of the two sections of the East West Line operating under different signalling systems.

If this problem happened here it could happen anywhere else where a train has to operate on both systems.

Note there have been no reports on where else on the MRT system trains are operating on both systems.

And before the cybernuts KPKB, remember that new signalling system is being brought in piecemeal to avoid closing down an entire line.

Related article: This BBC (UK-centric) article explains the issues behind “signal failure” in a railway system:

  1. The reason why MOT & LTA has for *years* been disagreeable to shutdown of MRT lines is due to the fact that they have longstanding policy of non-replication of public transport services between buses & trains. This was done ostensibly for “operational efficiency” & “avoidance of wastage”. But the main reason was to protect the profits of the duopoly & Temasek against price wars & maintain a “gentlemen’s” playing field with respective turfs carefully laid out.

    Now this policy has come to bite them in the arse as there is insufficient redundancy in bus service routes to compensate for MRT line closures.

    Hell even the bus bridging services between MRT stations in event of train disruptions is still a mess & commuters’ nightmares, despite plenty of disruptions over the years & plenty of opportunities to improve & refine.

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  3. even more interesting “events” will definitely happen if the mrt connection between woodlands north and jb, johor, were to be build 5 to 6 years from now.

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