Mugabe coming here?

In Uncategorized on 18/11/2017 at 4:50 am

A BBC article discuss what can happen to him. One option is to go into exile. The favourite country is South Africa where he has properties and is still respected as a Jedi. But his wife, Gucci Grace, will not be welcomed there. Read the article for the details.

So if not South Africa, then where?

Other possible options are Singapore and Malaysia, where the Mugabes also have properties.

And don’t forget Gleneagles is his favourite hospital and Gucci Grace loves shopping.

The good news for S’poreans and the PAP is that he’s still refusing to resign. One doubts the PAP wants living here a reputed billionaire of an ex-president accused of corruption and his pushy, ambitious (she wanted to be the next president), and violent (She has beaten up ladies who upset her in South Africa and in HK). I’m sure the PAP doesn’t want cyberspace, not just cybernuts from TRELand to draw comparisions, however unfairly.

  1. why not britain ?

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