Amos in the land of the free

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Update on 3 December at 2.45pm: Amos has posted that he has to vacate his present lodgings by 21 DEcember because the authorities don’t want him near young children because of his views on child sex. He’s asking for help to live in the nearest 5-star hotel. OK, I made up the 5-star bit.

Amos learns about the environment in which “freedom of expression” opeates in the land where the buffalo roam . While he has freedom of expression, people can express their disagreement or disgust by barring him from public forums: he’s been KPKBing that that’s what happening. They can even threaten to kill him.

Yee has received harsh criticism and even death threats after posting three videos on the topic, on 15, 17 and 20 November, entitled Why Pedophilia Is Alright, Don’t Discriminate Pedophiles, and Free Speech for the Pedophile respectively.

The Idiots S’pore

And the death threats are “no play play” because in the land of the free where the buffalo roam the freedom to carry and use arms are other freedoms.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mother Mary wears black by this time next year. His ang moh tua kee allies may want to consider buying him a bullet-proof vest for Christmas.

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  1. those “liberal” media/press; e,g., ny times, cnn news int’l (hk), cbs news, huff post, yahoo(sg), will forever be his friend. *scmp(hk), a right-wing press, has been very, very quiet about him for more than 6 months.

  2. Better not get thrown in jail for whatever reasons. Inmates may be notified of his views on pedophiles and it will be a point of honour to do him in.

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