Will Roy, Meng Seng and s/o JBJ help Amos now?

In Uncategorized on 04/12/2017 at 4:24 am

What will the people pictured below do to help Amos? If he isn’t helped, he’ll spend Christmas on the mean streets of Chicago in winter.

Amos the Fabulous has been told to leave his present lodgings by 21 December because there are young children also living in the same place. His views on sex with children and child pornography have led to concerns that he could be a clear and present danger to the children.

He has asked for someone to give him another place to live in. Maybe Goh Meng Seng will offer his private jet?

“Jesus was falsely accused, too”: Does Amos support child pornography?

Image result for Goh Meng Seng + banana                                                                                             















  1. I guess amos was not a christian fundamentalist who diligently studies the bible: jesus did not defend himself against the charges, that he called himself king of jews, thus threatening the regime of roman army and temple priests, that he overturned money changer tables in the temple, thus disturbing peace (we might even call it terrorism); since jesus himself did not claim to be wrongly accused, who is amos to contradict Him?

  2. now everyone pictured above will declare that: who is he ? I don’t know him !

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