Do these rental flat residents know it’s Christmas?

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It’s the time of the yr to be jolly as but ex-NMP JJ posted not everyone can afford to be jolly

The corridors are long and narrow. Quite often, our knocks were responded to quite slowly. Some of the residents are advanced in age and not so quick with theirmovements any more. Chai Chee is an old estate and some have stayed here for decades. Some old time residents reminded us of how they have moved across various constituencies before now settling in Marine Parade GRC, without of course moving out of their actual homes.

House visits to rental flats are sobering reminders of life. Often, we meet with a divorcee, an aged single, an amputee, someone chronically ill, a retrenched person unable to get a steady job and more. Each have a story to tell. Some have financial challenges but some are more blessed than others. One told us proudly how her son calls to remind her of her medicine daily and drops by every so often to make sure her medicine box is stocked and in good order. She married young and has 12 great grandchildren and is still in the best of health. Another couple tell us how their children will take turns to come and take them out.

Some are just glad we came for extra pairs of ears to listen to their stories. It is good too that we are not the only ones dropping by. In our previous recent visit to this block, a sizeable group of volunteers from a welfare group were scattered over various homes in the block chatting with the folks who were just happy to have visitors. Happy to do our part to see how we can be of help. Every little bit may mean a lot to these folks.

A cat seemed to have taken a liking for us. She followed us to every home we visited from the fourth floor right until we reached the ground floor, finally leaving when I got into my car. Perhaps she had a story to tell us too.


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