Good economy = Unhappy hols, cybernuts

In Economy on 20/12/2017 at 5:09 am

In the run up and during the festive season in 2015 and 2016, the cybernuts were having a great time sneering and jeering at the 70%  as they smoked weed, drank cheap arak and ate the scraps thrown from millionaire ministers’ tables.

They were so happy because conomic growth was only 1.5% and 2% in these yrs,

They were so happy that fellow S’poreans were suffering, forgetting that the anti-PAP voters also suffered. They were forecasting the end of PAP rule.

Well this yr is different.

When TRE republished Why S’pore’s growth is so gd this year venom and bile and curses came my way (Don’t they know that their hatred, makes me strong?) even though I pointed out that the economy is strong because of an uptick in global trade, and not because of the PAP’s actions.

Chief cybernut, Oxygen (who is so nutty that he donated $10,000 to TRE in 2015) is now saying the world economy will tank next yr and that S’poreans will suffer, quoting analysts.

Well, he’ll be banging his balls because

‘Stars are aligned’ for Singapore stocks to go higher in 2018: Analysts

The likes of banking heavyweights, developers and property trusts will continue to lead the charge next year for Singapore’s stock market, which could see gains of as much as 11 per cent, according to market analysts.


Whatever global equity markets are on a roll.

So as I drink and eat all the way thru to Chinese New Year, my enjoyment will be tripled as I think of how unhappy Oxygen and the other cybernuts are that the revolution against the PAP has again had to be postponed. Reality bites again.

The global economy may not grow as fast as predicted because China may experience slower growth than expected. If that happens stock markets will be in trouble as they seem to be priced to perfection.

But whatever, S’pore’s GDP growth will not collapse to 2%, let alone go into a recession. We may not have a great yr, but it ain’t going to a really bad yr.

So Merry Christmas and Yum Seng.

May the Prosperity Gods be with u.


  1. Am sure last year Oxygen had said the global economy would tank this year LOL!

  2. huat ah !!!!

  3. Actually most sinkies have already been celebrating for past few years due to strong wage growth. Wage growth from 2012-2017 has been almost double that from 2007-2012.

    Only those hard luck, no skills, lousy results, or stuck in industries (o&g, m&o) facing cyclical downturn would have suffered.

    Global stocks will still be good for next 1 year or so, before inflation & interest rates start to become problematic. Next boom will be precious metals & commodities, but probably later in 2018 or 2019.

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