Well-travelled author’s historical novel about S’pore

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When I came across this

ALL ABOUT AUTHORS: Did you know that author Meira Chand lived in England, Japan and India, before permanently relocating to Singapore?
Her books, Sacred Waters, details a journey of a different sort, as protagonists Sita and Amita explore the road to self-discovery in the face of societal and communal hurdles.

I had to check her out. If u into pretentious BS read

Whatever she wrote a historical novel about S’pore It covers the immediate pre-World War II period, the Japanese Occupation and the immediate post war period. If it reads like the way she comes across in the ST interview, not worth opening it then even if ang mohs are said to love it. But then she comes across as one of those ang moh tua kee types.

Btw, she’s on the National Arts Council the body that withdraws grants (sometimes even demanding money back) on books deemed not to do talk about the “right” constructive, nation-building things: Quiet activist looking at his bank statement and smiling.

  1. she’s an ex-“ft” who now has a sg passport.

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