Bicentennial project: Bring back the Lions

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When I heard the PM saying that there’ll be celebrations for the bicentenial anniversary of the founding of modern S’pore, I remembered what I wrote in 2015.

When I read in 2015,

roarrrrrr…i hve been relocated from my home due to resettlement from mederka bridge aka nicoll highway with my twin brother over to standium walk in 1966 after them they move me to our final place at SAFTI

If you grew up in Singapore, you will remember…








I wrote:

We should have moved them back into a prominent, public place: say at either end of the IR at Marina Bay or at either end of the tunnel near the Marina Barrage. Another good site, though less prominent would be on both sides of our side of the Tuas causeway, They could face one another, or face towards M’sia. A better site, and a really prominent place, would be at the Woodlands causeway but there isn’t the land to site them.

Too late now for SG50. But there is time for this injustice to be remedied.

Other good places to site them will be at

— Changi Airport (One facing that part of the highway leaving the airport, the other facing that part of the highway entering the airport.);

— in the Gardens of the Bay; or

— where the Kallang Basin meets the sea.

  1. Lines without Rhymes about Lions

    Once upon a time there lived a lion in the jungle not far from Singapore. He was famous for being a clever and brave lion.
    One day a circus owner went to the jungle to find the lion. Having found him, the circus owner said to the lion: “Lion, lion, come and work in my circus; you will be famous around the world.”
    So the lion said: “OK, I will come with you. Just wait until I get my suitcase.”
    The circus owner was greatly surprised: “What! You mean lions have suitcases?”
    The lion replied: “Of course. Even elephants have trunks.”
    So they went to Singapore. They flew by Singapore Air Lions. However, the lion’s suitcase was too heavy to take on the plane (unless they paid a surcharge), so it was instead shipped by Neptune Oriental Lions.
    After arriving at Singapore, the lion started work at the circus. Soon he became famous indeed. He could sing and he could dance, and everywhere, people were talking about the well rehearsed chorus lion.
    And he could tell jokes. All the jokes have good punch lions.
    And people wanted to talk to him and shake his paw. They would phone him up, and the operator would say: “I am sorry the lion is busy…”
    Because Singapore has such a famous lion, it is called the Lion City.

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