Need Paracetamol? Ask SingHealth

In Public Administration on 17/01/2018 at 4:47 am

Getting Paracetamol from SingHealth, like Using yr CPF OA as a savings account, is one of few ways S’poreans who are not millionaire ministers or senior bureucrats can get a “free” lunch.

Recently when I went to Marine Parade Polyclinic for  my usual blood pressure pills, I asked the doctor for a big pack of Paracetamol. I was given a packet of 90 which should last me for months.

This reminded me that a SPP member and wannabe MP posted on FB a few months back:

Now I find this fascinating. In Singapore, a box of Panadol 12 x 500mg tablets costs $6.85 ie 57 cents per tablet. Here in London I saw Tesco selling a box of paracetamol 16 x 500mg tablets at 57 cents (32 pence) ie 3.56 cents per tablet. Panadol is just paracetamol. So the same product is 16 times (!!) more expensive when sold under a brand name. Come to think of it, can we buy generic (unbranded) paracetamol from shops in Singapore? I haven’t seen …

Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss on FB

Many of her FB “friends” pointed out that Paracetamol is widely available here and some tot that it could be cheaper here than in the UK. Everyone said it was even cheaper in JB but they couldn’t give a price. I couldn’t comment as I’ve not bought Paracetamol from my Chinese medicine shop for yrs because I get mine from SingHealth, though I did think 3 cents was a good deal.

Well I can inform readers that my Paracetamol cost me less than 2 cents a pill. To be exact $o. o15555 a pill.

Yes, I do find it strange that Ms Chong doesn’t know Paracetamol is widely available here. But I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she and her family use analgesics that don’t contain Paracetamol. After all, I prefer Aspirin, but was told when I was in my 50s, given my age, I should not take it unless a doctor prescribed it or OKed its use. Seems that many doctors hold the view that if Aspirin were invented today, it would not never ever get regulatory approval to be sold over the counter.

Still it doesn’t look good for her and the Oppo that she’s clueless about a basic medical item. I’m sure our millionaire ministers know that Paracetamol is sold here.


  1. holiday again in london, england ? this woman is rich. also, does james aruldoss (and their children) has a brit passport ?

  2. Errr ….. generics (incl. paracet) have always been available locally. How do GPs, polyclinics, and hospitals make a fat profit then?!? LOL!!

    But to be fair … low end generics like paracet are rarer in recent years on the retail scene, due to the extremely low profit margins …. need to deal in bulk to be worth it. Hence small players like retail pharmacy chains don’t bother …. easier to push branded versions … afterall incomes have risen quite a lot over 15 years & a few dollars for 2 strips of 20 panadols ain’t gonna result in street protests or boycotts LOL!!! Chinese medicine hall type of shops will get theirs on adhoc import from M’sia.

    Those working in hospitals can get almost freeflow of such OTC drugs. Even for some controlled drugs can pop 1 or 2 daily & no one will know … e.g. codeine is a schedule 2 drug, and many antipsychotic drugs are schedule 3. Schedule 1 drugs like morphine, heroin, fentanyl, etc can still be abused by using residual doses, that don’t come in self-contained ampoules or cartridges that must be sent back to pharmacy together with patient’s prescription for counterchecking.

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