How Trump’s trolling works

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For every step that President Trump takes in debasing discourse, his opponents manage to go one step further.

FT columnist

A local ang moh tua kee posted on FB a story about a Muslim Canadian girl who lied about an attack on her. The local ang moh tua kee attacked Trump as a liar.

I commented that the story was not about Trump. She replied that she stood by her comments that Trump lies.

Hours later realising that she could be seen as implying that the gal was right to lie because Trump lies regularly, she said she didn’t condone the gal’s behaviour.

Taz how Trump gets under the skin of those who hate him: especially those who espouse “left-liberalism which celebrates civil rights”.



The focus on his ludicrous ego and ignorance may make us feel superior. But that is all it appears to be doing. He will not be toppled by us jeering at a picture of his enormous arse or reports of his word salad on climate change, his links to Russia and his comments about pussy-grabbing. Not as long as he is supported by racists, the far right, Christian fundamentalists, the global business elite and his own party. And he is. It is time to get serious about what drives this presidency. At the moment, the joke is on us.

And as usual the whining liberal from the Grauniad* doesn’t tell us how to fight him because she doesn’t have a clue. Talking cock, singing song like our anti-PAP cybernuts and ang moh tua kees who don’t know that paramactol is available here ot that estate duty has to go up 4000% if it is revived to replace a 2% rise in GST.

Steve Banon’s plan to get Trump elected “was to create such a cacophony of indignation” that the progressives would lose their focus. He was letting Trump be Trump for a strategic reason: to make the progressives angry and so lose focus. It worked then, and it’s working now, even if he’s no longer advising Trump: the progressives are still losing their focus in their indignation and anger.


*The Grauniad is a nickname for the UK national newspaper, the Guardian, because of a now ill-founded reputation for typos. The name was given to it by the satirical magazine Private Eye.


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