Mkt falls must make Trump haters happy, but maybe not

In Uncategorized on 07/02/2018 at 5:34 am

With Donald Trump having successfully persuaded the populace to treat the rallying stock market as a validation of his young presidency, and a meaningful achievement in its own right, the administration is now stuck, and has to give excuses when all of the year’s stock market gains are wiped out. This shows that claiming credit for the strong stock market was always bad politics (as I have made clear more than once).

Oddly, Mr Trump has not tweeted about the stock market since January 20 (when he referred to a “Record Stock Market”). The corollary to claiming credit for a stock market rise was always that it carried the risk of taking the blame for a subsequent fall.

John Authers, FT columnist

He spoke too soon because S&P was just up 1.7% to 2,695, its best day since Donald Trump was elected US president. I’m sure there will be Trump twit on this fact.

  1. Nobody asked him to take credit for thr rise. he wanted that way,so is now stuck with it

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