Kidding me? Kee Chui potential PM? He from RI?

In Political governance on 12/02/2018 at 9:40 am

The academics and the anti-PAP cybernuts who claim that Kee Chui is likely to be the next PM must either be really stupid, or really trying to sien us?

I mean who can reasonably conclude that Kee Chui is the material that PMs can be made off?

Two weeks ago, High Court judge See Kee Oon questioned an appellant’s use of a letter from her MP Lam Pin Min (Sengkang West) to play down the offence she was convicted of. (Juz wondering? MP White Horse? Or spouse White Horse or grassroots tua kee?

Kee Chui, Minister and Chief Whip, was then quoted by ST as saying that the PAP has “no specific governing rules” on the sending of MP letters to the courts or other agencies or ministries.

A retired district judge, Mr Low Wee Ping, who was the Registrar of the Subordinate Courts and Supreme Court in the 1980s, in a letter to ST, said one Harry Lee had instructed all MPs, in writing, that they should not write such letters to the courts.

Mr Lee was also of the view that if the MP’s constituent resident perceived his sentence imposed by the court as lenient, he might attribute it solely to the MP’s letter, and, therefore, feel obligated or grateful to vote for the MP in an election wrote


MPs approached by TODAY, such as West Coast GRC MP Patrick Tay, said they are aware of the “long-standing practice” for PAP MPs not to write to the courts on behalf of their constituents*.

So what does Kee Chui do? Scholar and ex-SAF commander makes a U-turn on PAP MPs writing to court.

In his letter to PAP MPs on Friday, Mr Chan wrote that PAP MPs have, “as a norm” over the years, refrained from writing to the Courts on behalf of their constituents.

PAP MPs, he said, “must not do anything that may give rise to any misperception that they can influence or interfere in the judicial process”.

“When approached by constituents over matters that come before the Courts, PAP MPs may write to the Ministry of Law (on procedural issues) and the Attorney-General’s Chambers (on prosecutorial issues). This has been the general practice, and will remain so,” he added.

In his letter, Mr Chan reminded his fellow PAP MPs that the courts have “clear and strict procedures to uphold the independence and integrity of the judicial process”, and are in the best position to evaluate the evidence and merits of a case.

He added: “The separation of powers has never been in question even when the courts have received a letter from an MP, directly or indirectly. Nevertheless, to avoid any doubt or public misperception, may I remind PAP MPs not to write to the Courts on behalf of their constituents.”


Like that can become SAF commander and minster meh?

Kee Chui’s other major cock-up

PAP: Chinese defecate in public, Indians clean up

Remember PM signaled him to listen to how a minister should explain things?

If he were tansport minister, S’pore would suffer a catastrophic breakdown of train services, and Changi airport would close.


And PM in waiting? Like that can be RI boy? But then he was only in RI for Pre U. Even TLK was in RI for four years. But even in RI for six yrs is no guarantee of not being a cock: think TJS.

Like that cybernut should earn millions.

*OK, OK this appeared after he wrote letter but if these MPs knew, how come Kee Chui didn’t know?

  1. All MPs didn’t know, or they forgot or “just go with the times” (those old cock MPs who should still remember how things used to be done).

    That’s why hundreds (if not more) MP letters had been sent to the courts over the last 10 years.

    Just that MP letters are usually matter of fact & neutral. Info or “facts” claimed by the constituents are often phrased as so-and-so claimed that such-and-such … would the ministry / court / etc assist to look further into it etc etc.

    MPs wouldn’t simply take at face value whatever constituents claim, unless there is black & white proof e.g. a traffic police testimonial for 20 years safe driver from X date to Y date. Even then, the MP will just note down the facts, but still phrase any unproven info as “claimed”.

    Hence I’m surprised why Lam used such certain language, or maybe one of his PA lackeys did the typing & he just signed off without noticing.

    BTW, MP letters no longer hold the same power as decades ago. Many low-level civil servants are now empowered to Fuck Off MP letters with a short, polite & firm explanatory reply.

  2. Yep. He is destined.

    • really? someone decided to identify three possibilities, including one who says he supports someone else than himself; confusing? ha, u not sure what so u ask questions, and reveal ur likes and dislikes, so someone can monitor how people received the three; they even tell u maybe LHL will stay beyond 70, or teo chee hean/tharman will be interim PM, so u feel the urge to talk some more about it; not sure whether the effort to get feedback works or not

      BTW, I think it was an error to post that picture with himself in the middle, and to say he is ready; the politically correct thing is to say all my colleagues will collectively decide, and even when the moment comes, say I am unworthy, but since duty calls, etc

      one day somebody would have a lunch/dinner in his/her house and invite the 16 peers (or maybe 15 – minus the person being chosen) to say that they should agree on X; decision will be unanimous as usual

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