Doesn’t this remind u of another father and son?

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The Scots beat the English at the battle of Bannockburn in 1314. The English were led by Edward II, the son of Edward I who conquered Wales and Scotland. After his death, the Scots rebelled and his son had to march north to suppress them:

The son of the mighty Edward I, Edward II had grown up in his father’s shadow. He lacked the strength of will to keep his own nobles in line, never mind to deal with the Scots. …

Edward II’s lack of political clout was matched by a lack of military skill. He had been raised in the military tradition of feudal monarchs, but had not taken to warfare like his father. His lack of confidence had stopped the English countering Bruce’s manoeuvres for several years, and that lack of campaigning meant that Edward could not match his opponent’s experience.

In short, Edward II was one of the worst generals ever to command an English army.

  1. maybe a more scientific case: henry V, victor of agincourt, was dying when news came that his wife, catherine of france, just gave birth to a son; he said “yes; henry V has won much; henry VI will lose all”, and he was correct – his son inherited bad genes from his maternal grandfather king of france, and went in and out of insanity many times, before his enemies put him out of his misery

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