Corporate America is happy with Trump, on balance

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 This was before the tariis on steel and aluminium. LOL

From NYT Dealbook

David Rubenstein, the Carlyle Group co-founder, told CNBC at the SuperReturn conference in Berlin that, over all, businesses support the White House’s economic policies:
“I think there are some things the administration has done that the business community will not like, but generally I think the administration has pleased the business community and other people as well.”
Why? Largely the tax cuts, for which both Republicans and Democrats are compiling data to support their political arguments.
  1. Donald will probably water down the tariffs & it’ll be another non-event.
    E.g. lower the tariffs, apply only beyond certain amount of imports, shorten duration, etc.

    He’ll make it such that the top steel exporters to US (who are all US allies) will be mostly exempted.

    China is a very small steel & alum exporter to US anyway, so both Chinese & US industrial companies not that much affected.

    Donald will do a show-and-tell on white house lawn to announce what a huuuge & great deal maker he is, present a watered down tariff, announce some trade deals with china as quid pro quo, shake hands with china ambassador & Chinese representatives with everybody smiling.

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