NYT compares Xi to our Harry

In Uncategorized on 14/03/2018 at 5:42 am

Mr. Trump’s unpredictability has helped cast China as a more stable superpower. And changes to the Chinese Constitution that allow President Xi Jinping to govern indefinitely could usher him into a global club of autocrats alongside leaders like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore and Vladimir Putin of Russia.

NYT Dealbook

Given Meng Seng wants us to kowtow to Xi and his dislike of LKY, he must feel conflicted.

  1. LKY put SG on the world map when he ordered haircuts at the airport for hippies that wanted to visit; he made himself the patron saint of barbers, who were threatened with extinction with men growing long (and dirty) hair

    I am not sure what single thing Xi did to make himself famous around the world; vladmir putin can at least jump half naked into an icy lake to celebrate a religions festival

    now that’s an example worthy of emulation by even Trump

  2. didn’t you know that ny times editors are very proud of their efforts in getting amos yee his asylum in the usa last year ?

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