Easy way for FB to solve problems

In Internet on 07/04/2018 at 11:26 am

But advertisters wouldn’t like it. And As Money, talks BS walks, it wouldn’t be adopted.

NYT Dealbook

How a ‘Why Me?’ button could help fix Facebook
In his latest column, Andrew suggests a way the company could make its practices more transparent — one that Google and Amazon could consider, while we’re at it: a button next to every ad and piece of content that would explain why a user is seeing it.
More from Andrew:
The “Why Me?” button might create all sorts of problems for Facebook, and its advertisers, too. It would allow users — and rivals — to reverse engineer much of the way the system works. And advertisers would probably object to the idea of making their targeting plans public. But that would be the cost of using such large public platforms with such exact targeting.


  1. this fb thing is way overrated

  2. he is hyping his great idea, like facebook and cambridge analytica used to do and got into truble for; facebook’s current problem is it allowed apps to be downloaded from its website, and those apps, getting users to agree to liberal usage conditions that most users did not read and try to understand, proceeded to collect a huge amount of information and sold them for various purposes; how is that solved by why me?

    kogan, who lived in SG 2013-16 when all that trouble was building up, first did the info collection as a cambridge research project, then set up his own company to do it semi-commercially, then allowed another company to use his tools on large scale (they paid some users a few dollars to participate in their survey); he then moved to berkeley in 2016 which was presumably the period when he worked with Mike Flynn; does andrew sorkin seriously feel a why me button on advertisements would have make things different?

  3. the couple was living with her parents, and even adopted an abandoned alaskan breed dog from the pound before moving to berkeley in 2016; I assume that’s when he started working with Mike Flynn; at any point in time he would have been moving back and forth between cambridge and another location

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