Words that could haunt Zuckerberg

In Internet on 13/04/2018 at 4:09 am

He said on Tuesday “I agree we are responsible for the content.”

NYT Dealbook explains the importance of these words:

These were the most important words from Mark Zuckerberg’s five-hour testimony: “I agree we are responsible for the content.” They may come back to haunt him, given his previous rejection of calling Facebook a publisher. He later backtracked and called his business a tech company, but his acknowledgment may fundamentally shift the conversation — and how the company operates. (All in all, Mr. Zuckerberg did better than anyone had expected.)

  1. he had a lot of coaching practice, but was caught by surprise when asked whether he would tell people which hotel he was staying in – it should not take half a minute to say no – could have said something non-committal like “depends on the reason u ask” more quickly while he figures out why the question was asked; when asked about whether facebook received subpoena, he first said yes then changed to not sure, just know staff cooperate, a slight lapse in attention; when asked whether non-facebook user data were collected, he gave unclear answer – not sure whether deliberate choice or just fatigue

    about ur point: he really could not say facebook is not responsible for content – the situation does not allow legalistic defense; whether he could have come up with a legally correct statement that would not do PR damage, I am not sure; obviously he did not come with an answer ready

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