S’pore could host “Stable Genius” and “Little Rocket Man”

In Uncategorized on 20/04/2018 at 11:13 am

The u/m graphic from the BBC shows that experts think that S’pore is a possible venue for the summit between “Stable Genius” and “Little Rocket Man”. If this happens, mud in the eye for the siblings of PM and their anti-PAP allies. Lots of face for PM and S’pore.

  1. logical place would be south korea, US shouldnt have no problem with the choice, but kim wont decide till after his meeting with Moon at Panmunjom, when north-south reconciliation is confirmed

    beijing and tokyo are both out because of distrust that the venue is bugged as the host is hostile to one of the two parties; singapore and ulan bator are not within train distance; switzerland has the same problem, though the attractiveness of the venue (kim was student there once, and his mother went there to visit him and go shopping in paris) means that kim would make the effort to overcome it if US really wants to meet in Europe; this does not apply for the other two

  2. I predict kim-trump meeting will be a success, as the solution on table already allows both sides to declare victory; a bit of bargaining and tinkering is still necessary to show “we worked hard”; for kim, just having trump take him seriously is a win; for trump, kim agreeing to denuclearize is a win

    china, kim and south have basically already agreed solution lies in north denuclearizing in return for US recognition, peace treaty and some US military reduction; kim even says his dad and grandad both wanted this; considering trump’s keenness to leave syria, the bargain is fine

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