SMRT: Driven to drink?

In Uncategorized on 22/04/2018 at 11:12 am

The constructive nation-building ST reported that an SMRT executive, a Mr Kek, was arrested for drink driving. A former Chief Engineer Officer with the SAF, Mr Alvin Kek, is SMRT Trains chief operations officer (rail). Alvin Kek was previously SMRT’s senior vice president for rail operations (North South East West Lines).

New boss coming, so afraid for job isit? But a poster on FB said his father died recently. Well if that’s an IB excuse, then sure got a lot of S’poreans can use this excuse.

Or maybe the job is so tough that it got him arrested for drink driving?

What do you think drove him to get arrested for a drink driving?

  1. driven to drink by his mistake of not staying a few more years in the SAF, get his star and be the new CEO instead of Neo.

  2. a lot of S’poreans can use this excuse – nonsense; I only had father dying once long ago; no way I could use that as reason to drink (but I am not singaporean – maybe they are different); however, maybe I can use losing money in stock market, not able to import Tesla car, starhub not showing good TV programme, this year durian very expensive, etc, as reason?

    for what it is worth, a former colleague talked to another former colleague about his daughter (new graduate) interviewing for job with SMRT, and said the managers she met were close minded, whatever that meant

  3. this guy was in jb, johor at night/morning. how many girlfriends he has over there ?

  4. He knows his days are numbered and he has no real skills that he can use in the competitive real world.. hahaha please go try Skillsfuture ok and let us peasants know how it goes.

  5. He wouldn’t be having this problem if he took MRT, like other senior MRT execs in other major cities.

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