If Coldstore detainees had gained power (Cont’d)

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We’d have free HDB flats and a dead property market if the Coldstore detainess had won power I wrote in If Coldstore detainees had gained power.

Here’s more about what would happen if they had gained power.

We’d have Socialism, going by what they said at the time then and since.

But the trouble with Socialism, Margaret Thatcher once said, is you eventually run out of other people’s money.

Don’t believe me?

— Ghana that at independence was richer than Malaya but now

— And see Cuba: Now that Venezuela can’t afford to subsidise Cuba, Cuba suffering. Happened before when the USSR collapsed and there wasn’t money from the USSR coming in to allow Cuba to have free everything: healthcare, education etc. Our Coldstore detainees would have asked China to pay for these freebies in return for turning S’pore into a red dot.

I lived in London juz before Thatcher came into power. And it left me in no doubt that socialism wasn’t working in the UK. Taxes were high but the govt was struggling to provide basic services (though the health system was really great).

In particular one reason the govt was failing to provide basic services was because public sector unions were forever striking for money pay.

And private sector unions were just as bad. There was a strike by baking staff in London which deprived us Londoners, of freshly baked bread for weeks.

Another major problem with socialism is that it panders to the unions,

We had a foretaste of the power of unions here: always on strike (May Day 1961).

Be happy that Harry, Dr Goh and friends gave up very early their infatuation with socialism.

Capitalism kicks trade unions (think Thatcher and the US) in the balls while Communism and Fascism castrate them (think NTUC and the PRC unions) into being part of the constructive, nation-building system.

  1. But the ine Harry Lee also professed to be a socialist as well …

  2. But the Scandinavia countries also socialist or lookalike.. how come they are doing so well?

    • Their communal values predate socialism. They tried socialism in the 50s-70s then had to move towards the centre because they were running out of money.

  3. think you are using the term “socialism” in the US tradition rather than the European tradition. There is a lot of difference between the two views. Social democracy which is prevalent in Europe even today, would have been considered socialism in the US. More European countries did well out of socialism in this sense than the UK. They did not call the problems in the UK “The English Disease” for nothing.

    Also the post’s alternate history perspective is rather binary – win or lose. What if neither win nor lose? Then maybe Harry and gang would not have abandon their early social democratic approach to policy making in the late 70s onwards

    • No I was thinking of the British type in the 70s and which is back in fashion today in the uK. As for the European version, there’s a reason why it’s called “Social Democracy”: it’s less ideological, more pragmatical.

      In the US the Tories, CDU, CSU would be considered socialism in all but name. LOL.

      Actually our Chinese Coldstore socialists were China tua kee types. A friend who went on a Long March tourist holiday found lots of anti-Harry types in the tour group. They could sing all the Chinese revolutionary tunes.

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