Further adventures of the Russkie who “fixed” FB

In Internet on 26/04/2018 at 5:51 am

On behalf of Putin and the KGB? After all Facebook, together with Google, showed that hegemony of US of A’s soft power. But Facebook’s numbers juz grow and grow. More mud in Putin’s eye. He got Trump elected but his billionaire pals are getting hurt by the US of A and his nercenaries get killed with impunity by the US military.

Sorry back to the Russkie that was based here.

Last week, Aleksandr Kogan, the academic who passed FB user data to Cambridge Analytica said he was considering suing Facebook for suggesting that he had acted unethically.

Then Mr Kogan on Tuesday criticised the social network for relying on an “honour system” to protect user information that he said was “mined left and right” by developers on Tuesday at a hearing conducted by British MPs.

He also told the British lawmakers

that the social network had singled him out for the leak but knew that user data gathered by developers could be passed to third parties. He stressed that Facebook had not done enough to check the data gathered by his app had been deleted. “They know the platform has been mined left and right,” he said, “They’re trying to point the finger at one entity and paint the picture that it is a rogue agency.”

  1. while FB, Kogan and others all try to deny blame and accuse each others, he himself boasted in seminars at NUS and elsewhere that he had psych profile of 50 million people; those who took his questionaire app would have clicked on Yes giving permission to use their data including contacts, the data of the contacts and contacts’ contacts etc were collected without their knowledge; how that was technically possible and whether this was illegal are still unclear, but it is obviously unethical; however, FB cannot escape responsibility for allowing this to occur within its system; it might be sincere or otherwise about respecting privacy, but was certainly not effective in achieving it

    Kogan started several companies and spent much time in Singapore and Berkeley during the last few years though he is currently back in Cambridge, as some kind of research fellow (which could mean a number of different things, as PJ Thum’s case showed) instead of Lecturer; I would guess he would have to go back to russia eventually if he wants to resume his academic career

    he was crowdfunding to raise the US$7000 to transport his dog from SG to SF; not sure whether he succeeded; it shows he did not make a big pile from money from his ventures, so perhaps we could cut him some slack on feeling aggrieved for getting all the blame

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