Najib on Tun M

In Malaysia on 29/04/2018 at 7:08 am

Well looks like Tun M is like our Harry. But he couldn’t be M’sia’s SM and MM because UMNO and the Malays don’t believe in perpetuating one-man rule.

Mr Najib spoke of his falling out with Dr Mahathir, who has accused the Prime Minister of everything from theft to redrawing electoral boundaries to Umno’s advantage.

Mr Najib said Dr Mahathir presided over several district redraws and the recent changes were to “take into account some demographic changes”.

“I think he’s obsessed about control, about calling the shots, in fact, when we were quite close together he even suggested establishing a council of elders,” said Mr Najib.

“Of course, you can imagine who’s going to chair the council of elders and a sitting prime minister after every Cabinet, I suppose I would have to march to his office to get his consent.”

“He wanted me to do his bidding,” Mr Najib said.

Bloomberg via

  1. mahathir blames najib for not taking care of mahathir’s sons’s political careers, but he is not the only ex-PM with sons in politics; since his are not cousins of najib while some others’ sons are, the difference in treatment is inevitable

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