Vietnam: Where yr Samsung HP comes from

In Vietnam on 04/05/2018 at 4:00 am

OK most probably.

Samsung makes about half of its global output of smartphones in Vietnam, including its flagship Galaxy series. It employs some 100,000 people in the south-east Asian country and its output there accounts for roughly one-quarter of Vietnam’s export revenues.


Imagine if Foxcomm and Apple decide to move iPhone manufacturing and assembly to Vietnam: bye bye Grandpa Xi.

Intel has a big plant there. It’s been there a long time.

  1. Lots of manufacturing have moved from China to Vietnam even before GFC … it has accelerated after GFC. Many of those moving their plants & factories are even Chinese companies themselves. Don’t worry, china still has plenty of manufacturing activities … and they’re trying to ramp up the value add chain.

    Like US & Western Europe, china will experience hollowing out of their manufacturing, already started with the low-end stuff. And like US / Europe, china will have lots of other higher-end manufacturing & other sectors to make up.

    50 yrs later, when Vietnam has become a developed country, Samsung will need to move to Africa / Central Asia.

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