Fake news spreader on anti-PAP “Press Freedom and Fake News S’pore” panel

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When I read this on FB

New Naratif

Editor-in-Chief Kirsten Han speaking at the “Press Freedom and Fake News in Singapore” event, organised by the Community Action Network and Function 8 in commemoration of World Press Freedom Day this week, about fake news, independent journalism, and the politics of foreign funding, alongside Daniel Yap (formerly of “The Middle Ground”), and Braema Mathi (former President of MARUAH).

I couldn’t help but snigger at the irony of having Braema Mathi on the panel.

FB friends of Braema Mathi tell me that if anyone is a spreader of fake news, or more accurately distorted news, it is Braema Mathi. They suspect she doesn’t read a quarter of what she is posting.

Her latest whopper is to post that Roger Moore just died and that she is missing him. He died last yr.

She also recently implied the US used chlorine gas in the retaking of Mosul last year, like what the Syrian govt forces are accused of at Douma. Btw, she thinks that the Syrian govt forces didn’t do it.

She also likes to post articles disagreeing or casting doubt that the Russians were involved in the poisoning of a Russian who spied for the UK and his daughter.

And she hates Trump. But with enemies like him, Trump doesn’t need friends.

She is one of those useful idiots much-loved by Reds like a jnr minister’s uncle and father. He may disagree that they were commies but only in code: FT jnr minister disagrees that “Pa” was a justly detained commie?

Where are his balls?

Coming back to the ang moh tua kee, when Trump wins the Nobel Peace Prize, she’ll go mad. Or finally accept that that prize is BS. I mean Obama got it for being elected POTUS.

Oh and she hates the PAP. But with enemies like her, no wonder the PAP has 60-70% of the vote. At least 30% know BS when they see it.

Btw, she’s a fan girl of PJ Thum. But with fans like her, he doesn’t need enemies. More on how Oxford University describes him and Project Southeast Asia soon. And his “real” academic posts.


  1. oxford academics says Thum did a good PhD thesis; fine; he was employed in NUS and briefly in Oxford as research fellow; that’s fine too; but currently he is cagy about who pays his salary and avoids telling people he is currently not paid by oxford to do research

    kirsten has also not been transparent about how she makes a living; she was published in a number of international media, but usually only once or twice; I believe because she basically writes the same article “SG is repressive and getting more so” again and again, and it gets boring quickly; when guardian invited her to write article on smart nation, it chose not to publish (but paid her a fee for her troubles), probably because instead of various exciting gadgets and apps, she talked about technology’s usefulness for repression; I doubt she described Li Hongyi’s Parking App and his future prospects

    the problem with people in that camp is they think they are morally and intellectually superior simply because they oppose PAP, hence they say and do dumb things thinking that these are moral and intellectual; Amos Yee was the best example of that attitude

  2. a pre-requisite for a Maruah president it seems

    • Forgot to put that in piece. Thanks for the reminder about Uncle Leong. Sad case. Btw, I notice that the loonier anti-PAPpists type have stopped commenting on yr FB wall. When Albert Tay stops commenting, u know u’ll overtake me as the nuts “love to hate blogger”. LOL

      A founder of FB group (non political) yrs ago emailed to tell me (Albert Tay was really posting a lot of antiPAP stuff in a community group)that he was once a PAppy but changed. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was because his Vietnamese wife couldn’t get PR. ((

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