M’sia: Don’t anyhow blame Najib

In Malaysia on 16/05/2018 at 11:02 am

Be more nuanced.

Couldn’t stop laughing

But translating the alliance’s manifesto into action — including sweeping political reforms meant to repair checks and balances eroded under Najib.

What a really dumb remark,”repair checks and balances eroded under Najib”.

I mean Najib was able to do what he did because one Tun M had in his tenure as PM got the Auditor-General and the Chief Justice Lord President removed, cowed the king and sultans, and finally sacked Anwar and was complicit in him being roughed up in custody. Najib was juz following precedents, juz like when the electoral districts were redrawn to BN’s advantage. All Najib’s actions were from Tun’s playbook, including muzzling the voices of dissidents

Btw, Najib was right about Tun’s desire for council of elders.

Tun M

is forming a council of five elders including palm oil tycoon Robert Kuok, former Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin and Zeti Akhtar Aziz, who led Bank Negara Malaysia for 16 years. The people will be tasked with advising the cabinet and probing government personnel.



Najib had said:

“I think he’s obsessed about control, about calling the shots, in fact, when we were quite close together he even suggested establishing a council of elders,” said Mr Najib.

“Of course, you can imagine who’s going to chair the council of elders and a sitting prime minister after every Cabinet, I suppose I would have to march to his office to get his consent.”

“He wanted me to do his bidding,” Mr Najib said.

Bloomberg via

Najib on Tun M

I’m sure that he’ll make sure that the Council of Eminent Persons he installed will remain beyond the 100 days he says it will last. And that he’ll retire to an institutionalised Council of Elders when Anwar becomes PM.

Then truly A New Hope will be followed by The Empire Strikes Back and not the Return of the Jedi: in the movies.

Coming back to “repair checks and balances eroded under Najib”, here’s a more nuanced remark:

Mr Najib, who tightened the screws on Malaysia’s already authoritarian system

As the FT is now part of the stable of the publisher of the first quote, time for FT to send trainers to teach the Orientals.

On 20th May 2018, amended to reflect that he sacked the Lord President on the CJ. In the M’sian judicial system, the Lord President is the most senior judge.


  1. they are all authoritarian; remember how mahathir put anwar into jail; but najib managed to drive mahathir and anwar to reconcile; how he could upset so many oldtimers so badly is a mystery to me

  2. watching m’sian politics is as confusing as watching south korean tv drama series.

  3. Simple matter of whether plebs lives better than 5 yrs ago?!? In this case it was far worse due to escalating costs of living & stagnating wages & depreciating currency.

    PAPies had a taste of it in 2011 when sinkies were all KPKB-ing about cost of living … property, FTrash by the economy-class load, depressed wages and/or no jobs (no income will surely raise your cost of living!)

    If BN had better managed the bread & butter issue over the years, instead of laughably throwing last-minute bribes, m’sians would have gladly voted BN even if Najib were seen everyday living like a multi-billionaire.

    I know a few lower-level m’sian Mats (all degree holders) working in S’pore in the last few years … life back home as typical employee is tough … and most of them are bumis.

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