The real reason why Reformasi won’t happen here

In Malaysia, Political governance on 24/05/2018 at 11:04 am

In Why Reformasi won’t happen here, I had a dig at the cheapskates who wanted Reformasi on the cheap.

Here’s the real reason (articulated by a member of a FB group I belong to): S’poreans have not suffered enough (Something Chris K has said on FB) because things ain’t that bad her (Chris never pointed this out, but then he’s likely to go the way of other PAP critics, unless they are as cynical as me or “abc”. PAP critics usually end up as anti-PAP: Terry once told me . But don’t blame them because this is fault of PAP: Either you are with us or against us because what is good for the PAP is good for S’pore.)

Sorry back to the posts by a fellow member of a FB group.

If the ministers go in the way of Malaysia or Cambodia, let it happen naturally. If anyone is actually hoping for that to happen just so that they can see something happen, be careful what you wish for. Citizens of these countries are not having it easy, you know.

He then later went on

Having dialogued with DAP politicians over several years, I feel they looked at their political situation with grief, despondence, and exasperation. That was why my friend Liew Chin Tong went for the tough one at Ayer Hitam, because he didn’t want to be around to see what happens if BN wins another term. He’s tired. Now that they are part of the powers that be, it feels surreal and a relief. (For Liew, he’s re-energized though he was one of the only 2 DAP candidates who lost.)

I believe with the many people who are against PAP and/or support the opposition have anger and upsetness against the PAPG. When the PAP lost Aljunied, what they felt was jubilation.

So the 2 sets of emotions are different. The former are felt by citizens in a more desperate situation, waking up everyday to another new day of worry. Do we feel that here in Singapore?

I’d add that things are so good here that in last GE, 70% of the voters voted for PAP and continued to give two-thirds of parly seats. PAP nearly won  a GLC that would have reduced oppo elected MP to one. Fortunately the Wankers’ Party retained Aljunied, barely.

The BN lost its two-thirds majority in parly in 2008 and had less than 50% of the votes in the GE 2013.

(Updated at 11.35am: The last two paras were carelessly left out in initially published piece. Sorry.)








  1. I must protest – there is hardly any need to compete with the MSM LOL!

  2. Frankly the mats situation wasn’t *that* bad … else there would have been an Arab Spring or at least people-power ala Marcos or Suharto. Which means that if PH doesn’t perform well, BN will likely come back in 5 years.

    Which also means a HELL LOT more will need to happen in Sinkieland for change to happen.

    For PAPies, HDB zero-value is actually their trump card. By under promising the plebs today, they can pull a rabbit outa the hat tomorrow simply by a stroke of the pen. Probably in 2025 or 2030.

    CPF issue had died down over the last 5 yrs as PAPies engineered overall salary raises for majority sinkies. Heck, many Uni-educated millennials now don’t see CPF as a retirement tool at all — rather more of a resource for property. Their retirement tools are cash-account dividend investments (majority) or properties for rental or capital appreciation (minority).

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