Memo to anti-PAP cybernuts: Tun is not God

In Malaysia on 31/05/2018 at 4:15 am

Further to Anti-PAP S’poreans sucking up to Tun where I reported that anti-PAP cybernuts were upset that our PM had not told Tun M that M’sia need not pay anything to cancel HSR deal

When asked if Dr Mahathir’s decision was final, Transport Minister Anthony Loke said the Malaysia Cabinet had not yet discussed the issue, but would do so at their weekly meeting on Wednesday.


Now Tun says

Speaking to reporters after a weekly Cabinet meeting, Dr Mahathir announced that his Cabinet has agreed to cancel the HSR project.

But this will be subject to discussions with the Singapore government because it involves “high financial implications”, he added.

When asked if he would reconsider should Singapore request for the project’s continuation, Dr Mahathir replied: “We will listen to them. They are our good partners.”

So nothing is “final”. Don’t believe me?

Malaysia’s new Transport Minister Anthony Loke said as much when he told Channel Newsasia that the project is “subject to review” if the country is in a better fiscal position later on. “Why we cancelled the project is because of affordability,” he added. “The priority of the government is to pay our debts and the ability to repay our debts, that is our main priority, that’s why some of these projects must be shelved.”


And btw, still no letter:

the Singapore Land Authority repeated the Ministry of Transport’s earlier media statement that the Government is waiting for official confirmation from its Malaysian counterparts.

Hopefully our cybernuts will stop behaving as though he is God.

  1. Well, Tun is closer to being the real deal than any fringe oppy looney here. When you look at some of the types the 10% here elevate on a pedestal, Tun as an actual leader who has led a country, is way up there.

    However something a friend mentioned definitely strikes true. That it really is Anwar, not Tun that may be worth studying and trying to understand. Tun however fantastic, has limited time, and his agenda will be motivated by Najib smearing.

  2. Haaarrr??? You all don’t know meh??!?

    Ah Tun just finished reading Art Of The Deal.

    If it works for Ah Kim, it should work for Ah Loong too.

  3. in one way mahathir is helping LHL greatly: it is no longer urgent to hand over to a successor – he is after all 25 years younger than mahathir; it is now no problem at all to serve as PM well into his 70s

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