Still waiting for letter cancelling HSR

In Malaysia on 03/06/2018 at 10:40 am

It’s insulting to Tun to compare him with Lim tean because unlike Lim Tean, Tun is a man of many accomplishments, unlike Lim Tean who only knows how to to talk cock, sing song, and help the PAP by forming yet another new party “People’s Voice”*

But it looks like Tun is talking cock, singing song when it comes to HSR.

As of Friday evening, S’pore was still waiting for official confirmation that M’sia wants to cancel the HSR project, despite Tun saying that M’sia has cancelled the project. It’s been almost a week since he said that.


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Meanwhile S’poreans are still waiting for Lim Tean’s jobs rally and defamation video promised for last September, then last November and for which he raised money from the public: Where’s yr defamation video and jobs rally Lim Tean?

Whatever, with enemies like these, the PAP doesn’t need friends.

*The name “People’s Voice” truly reflects the founder’s aim of talking cock, singing song.


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