Anwar off to make a fortune

In Malaysia on 08/06/2018 at 5:28 am

Anwar has said he’ll spend the next two yrs going round the world, giving lectures on freedom and reform. What he hasn’t added, is that he’ll make a fortune doing so, especially if as expected he gets the Washington Speakers Bureau to represent him.

No this is not part of the CIA, but a business, based in Washington DC, that arranges for ex-politicans etc to get paid for public performances lectures.

The FT reported in Nov 2016 that the George Osborne, the UK chancellor fired less than 6 months earlier had earned £320,000 from lecturing in the US.  He earned more than £140,000 for two speeches at JPMorgan. The Washington Speakers Bureau was his agent. The Clintons too are clients, I think. She too earned big bucks talking to banks’ staff and clients.

Seriously do find the time to read this:

Ex-ST journalists interviewed him.

  1. most of these speeches were at wall street firms and other big businesses’s company retreats and client entertainment events; the audience are not looking for insights to improve themselves, just the chance to see some celebrity first hand; the speakers pretend to teach; the listeners pretend to learn

  2. Cynical Investor, either u r 1 of those rare breed talk sense oppo person or ure an excellent undercover pappy … Or maybe both. But I doubt the last option.

    • Why so cock? LOL.

      Why must I be either Oppo or PAP mole?

      I’m juz a S’porean who sees the stupidity of both sides while acknowledging that I’ve had a gd run in a one-party state. Of course it could be better, but I’m not bitter.

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