Anti-PAPpies want Kim to nuke S’pore isit?

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Why liddat?

On FB, TRE and TOC and the Indian (I’m told, I don’t read it) the anti-PAP types are denouncing two PAP ministers for taking wefies with Little Rocket Man).

On FB in response to comments denouncing the PAP ministers:

There seems to be an assumption among people of a certain ideological bend that our ministers wanted to take the wefies. Has it ever occurred that Kim asked for the wefies as a goodwill gesture to say thanks to S’pore for hosting and paying his bills?

Adrian Tan

He’s a bit of a wimp for calling the anti-PAP types “people of a certain ideological bend” but he’s right about the assumption that the ministers wanted the wefies, and the possibility that Kim asked for the wefies as a goodwill gesture.

Imagine what would happen if the two ministers (not my fav ones*) said “No”.

Btw, since VivianB has also been denounced on FB, TOC, TRE etc of saying innocuous words like “impressive” when describing his impressions of North Korea which he visited recently. They want him to say, “The place is a shithole like Aljunied town council run areas” isit?

Our anti-PAP types hate the PAP so much that they openly want Kim to destroy S’pore because if S’pore is nuked PAP ministers will die. They forget that there are special measures to protect these ministers. How not to call these anti-PAP types, cybernuts?

The PAP couldn’t have wished for nuttier enemies, what with friends like Calvin Cheng (Err so why the silence on Calvin, minister?) and FATPAP.

*What I’ve written about them

VivianB’s other folly: F1

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  1. pap enemies living overseas like tan wah piao might find nuking OK, those living here would surely want to hold onto their HDB flats and see these rise in price; they just cant stand both kim and trump praising LHL

    they hate dictators? I bet among the crowds lining the streets with their cell phones hoping to take pictures of kim, there are the usual 30% who vote against pap; politics cannot compete with 八卦。”Bread and circus” has been the formula for centuries.

  2. Come on, it’s a bit far-fetched to even remotely consider Kim had asked for the wefie. Whose phone was used and whose twitter account posted the photo? Even if Kim had asked for a group photo, the ministers could have kept it for their personal use, rather than trying to be “cool” on social media. The decision to put it on the web is solely Vivian’s. If otherwise, I’ll be worried that another country’s leader can start dictating (no pun intended) what our ministers post on their social media accounts, which can positively or negatively impact our foreign policies with other nations.

  3. In a more scrutinized polity, Vivi Bala would have thought better than posting that wefie. But he didn’t cause his ilk are beyond criticism. Btw what has finding it deplorable that our trying to be cool but really uncool ministers posing wefie with murderous fatboy, got to do with inviting said fatboy to nuke Singapore? Particularly since Singapore had been an important outlet for NK, right?

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