How to make it jialat for HDB owners if got child in RI

In Public Administration on 02/07/2018 at 12:15 pm

Just as how Singapore prevented racial enclaves from forming in its housing estates, the country must avoid the formation of any social enclaves, said Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing said on Tuesday (June 5).

To that end, the Government will “further refine” the design of precincts and public housing flats to “allow greater social mixing between people of different economic backgrounds”.

“This is especially important as society matures and social mobility and social mixing weaken,” said Mr Chan, who did not elaborate.

Constructive, nation-building media

We have a racial quota for each HDB estate to prevent racial enclaves from forming HDB estates. This upsets Indians, Malay and Eurasians no end because they can only sell to a minority, limiting the value of their flats. Chinese can sell flat to anyone because of their uber majority status: the quota doesn’t affect them.

So maybe to ensure that ensure that there’s a mix of educational abilities in HDB estate, HDB flat owners with one kid in RI or other so-called “elite” schools, can only sell their HDB flats to people with kids in RI or other so-called “elite” schools.

  1. all these talk of “elitism” in SG is a joke la

    what is so elite about all the branded schools, do we see them producing any noble aspirants or world respected innovators/inventors ?

    if so, the grouse on the ground just smacks of entitlement. Griping about the lack of quality that they feel does not improve the quality of the average Singaporean.

    What is so entrenched about the “elite” in Singapore ?

    In the end, so elite still end up kowtow to the AMTK what, much ado about nothing

    Even with the resources to afford protein, the lemmings don’t even know how to feed their kids well after PE ( that is why the average form of a Singaporean boy and girl is still lanky and underdeveloped ) it takes the mindset of a champion to raise a champion. Complaining does not raise a champion.

  2. anyone remembers wee shu min

    she went to wharton school and worked for a while in Oliver Wyman management consultancy, later amazon; not sure where she is now

    • I believe her dad being a member of parliament made the furor bigger, as her stand became linked to PAP’s supposed elitism; wee siew kim was an executive in sg technology group, which used to be run by ho ching; he was in AMK GRC, so there was link to LHL as well

      a few years later he left ST group for private sector, and did not stand in 2011 election; to what extent did the controversy affect these decisions?

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