Why Anwar is right to rebuke Lim on exaggerating M’sia’s debt problem

In Malaysia on 09/07/2018 at 6:32 am

And why Tun should sit down and shut up on M’sia’s debt problems.


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Look at the charts and u can see why investors can easily be spooked especially given the run from emerging mkts due to tightening of US monetary policy, US$ strength and fear of trade wars.

(Declaration of interest: I’m a friend of someone who was one of his advisers when he was finance minister.)





  1. These 2-3 months will offer chances to buy good stocks. Not necessarily cheap but better valuations than 0.5 year ago.

    Higher highs over the next 12 months. Major top will only appear in Q3 2019.

    In fact the next bear / recession in 2020 will probably be quite mild for major economies.

    Those who just want to buy-and-hold thru the next (relatively mild) recession should focus on US stocks. During the recession investors can start to allocate more to EM (incl. S’pore).

    We’re likely in the middle of a big secular bull similar to 1982-1999. The next 2000-like super-top will only hit around 2030.

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