Kirsten Han trying to defecate herself and PJ out of self-made crater

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And if as Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole tell me, that he’s as rich as the Youngs of Crazy Rich Asians fame, PJ should employ a better defender and PR woman. With helper like this, he doesn’t need enemies.

In defending him, her spins and rebuttals are full of holes.


Contrary to Mr Seah’s assertion, Dr Thum had not asked Dr Mahathir to bring democracy to Singapore, Ms Han said … he had “urged (Mahathir) to take leadership in Southeast Asia for the promotion of democracy, human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of information”, she reiterated.

(Yes I’m using extracts from the constructive, nation-building media)

Excuse isn’t S’pore part of SE Asia. She’s live here and she doesn’t know this? Think S’pore off the coast of Europe isit? Or off Califonia?

So not wrong to argue that PJ really wants the M’sian PM Tun M ” to take leadership for the promotion of democracy, human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of information” in S’pore. We part of SE Asia loh.

And ain’t this asking him “to bring democracy to Singapore”? Given that people like her call S’pore repressive (and getting worse) and PJ had “urged (Mahathir) to take leadership in Southeast Asia for the promotion of democracy, human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of information”.

The potential flippers [people who may vote for Oppo] dislike and mistrust Tun. And here are five ant-PAPpies telling him to free S’pore from the PAP. This may not be the truth but it’s plausible and the PAP is spinning like hell that they want him to free S’pore from the PAP.

.PJ Thum cares about S’pore?

(Aside: M’sian Finance Minister’s escape from a court case had me thinking “Great to know that some things never change in M’sia since Tun became PM all those years ago.” Wondering why PJ Thum didn’t ask Tun to bring his core competencies and skills to the rest of SE Asia?)


Ms Han also noted that Dr Thum’s Facebook post was not about “declaring Singapore a part of Malaysia, but merely a reference to our own history”.

Adding that Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew had declared independence from the British on Aug 31, 1963, Ms Han said: “So Aug 31 is an ‘unofficial independence day’ for the people of Singapore. As Lee Kuan Yew said, it signified the end of colonial British rule in Singapore.”

KInda tenious the link between what LKY said in 1963 and did (review a parade) and “So Aug 31 is an ‘unofficial independence day’ for the people of Singapore”.

We were about to join M’sia, so fair to join in the celebrations on 31 August and link it to our becoming free of the ang mohs.

We soon realised that joining M’sia was a bad idea and “an honest mistake” of the PAP. We were then glad that we got kicked of M’sia with so little trouble and no suffering.

And she (cunningly?) ignored PJ Thum’s post on 31 August 2016,which sneered at what LKY did on 31August 1963

50 years ago today: Lee Kuan Yew, frustrated with the delay in the creation of Malaysia, unilaterally announced the independence of Singapore. In a rare show of unity, the international community rolled their eyes and ignored him. Happy 50th Illegal Independence Day, Singapore!


She also said that the Singaporeans did not attend the meeting with Dr Mahathir “as a collective, but as a group of individuals”.

Sorry I find this impossible to believe given the personal links between four of them, and the personal link between PJ and Tan Wah Piow.

I think it’s time for her and PJ (If they want to show that it’s wrong to surmise that they do “not wish Singapore well”) to do what the last para in SDP’s statement says S’poreans should do

The SDP acknowledges that Mr Seah Kian Peng has apologised for his erroneous statement on his FB where he had involved our party in a controversy over a meeting some Singaporean activists had with Dr Mahathir.

The SDP accepts Mr Seah’s apology.

While we may differ in our views on how to take Singapore forward, politicians should not resort to questioning their opponents’ loyalty to our nation. No matter what our political persuasion, we all remain faithful and committed to this country.

Let us move on and focus our attention on tackling the issues that affect the lives of our fellow citizens.

But when was the last time you heard them KPKBing about the cost of living, HDB leases and other issues that affect ordinary S’poreans? A Crazy Richb Asian and his Girl Friday don’t know squat among ordinary S’poreans.

For what it’s worth, going by their words and actions over the last few yrs, I think they do “not wish Singapore well”. But they are not traitors, juz a variant form of useful idiots that help the PAP retain power: like Tan Kin Lian and Tan Jee Say.

In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause of whose goals they are not fully aware and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.[1][2] The term was originally used to describe non-Communists regarded as susceptible to Communist propaganda and manipulation.[1] The term has often been attributed to Vladimir Lenin, but this attribution is controversial.[3][4]

As for Jovolan Wham, my respect for him as a social activist working to help migrant workers and maids combat injustice made me keep quiet about his views on other things. But no more since Jolovan Wham: Nothing wrong in asking Tun M to intervene in S’porean affairs

I view him like I view PJ Thum and Kirsten Han.




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