StanChart: Yet more problems for “rogue bank”

In Banks, Emerging markets, Temasek on 10/10/2018 at 4:18 am

FT reported that US prosecutors have told StanChart that they are preparing to bring criminal charges against two of the bank’s former employees over alleged sanction breaches involving Iran-linked companies.

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  1. Those 2 are just fall guys. The masterminds still get to keep their gains & positions. Hoho.

    Stanchart did well in past decades becoz of their ability & willingness to push the boundaries in under-table dealing, girlie bar settings & back alley negotiations — skills that are needed to thrive in 3rd world markets that the bank specializes in.

    Anyway the EM turmoil & trade war angst is a much bigger problem to Stanchart than this sanctions breach.

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