Kee Chiu Cybernuts who want to migrate to Bangladesh

In Political economy on 13/10/2018 at 11:34 am

Can’t stop laughing at our ungrateful, envious cybernuts. In their KBKBing that S’pore is ranked below Bangladesh, Namibia, Costa Rica, Guyana, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kosovo and Palestine, they come across to the 35% swing voters as saying that these countries are better places to live in vis-a-vis S’pore.

Know any cybernut wanting to move out of their rented two-room HDB flat and move to Bangladesh, Namibia, Costa Rica, Guyana, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kosovo and Palestine? I doubt any exist. They know life is better here. They juz behaving like ex-local MSM journalists who bite the hand that once fed them. They are worse because because cybernuts still get fed.

I agree with Calvin Cheng. I know, I know, it’s getting to be a habit ( When being a minister turns from a calling into a job for life) . But what can I say except that he seems to have mellowed.)

Singapore ranks below countries such as Bangladesh, Namibia, Costa Rica, Guyana, Moldova, Kazakhstan and even Kosovo and Palestine.

Ask yourselves if any Singaporeans, no matter how relatively poor, would rather live in those countries.

This highlights the sometimes shrill obsession with inequality, rather than focusing on absolute standards of living. Both are important, but I would argue that absolute standards of living are far more important. We should make sure our poor and even our average Singaporeans have good standards of living, regardless how they compare to rich Singaporeans.

We must be careful to keep our priorities right and balanced, and not give in to the politics of envy that has rend many Western societies apart in recent years.


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Coming back to the report and our cybernuts. Here’s another reasoned perspective on the Oxfam report,

There is a need “to have a better conversation about inequality” in Singapore, he added. “But it cannot be premised on research that is not well-suited for the challenges we face in Singapore, and ultimately, doesn’t produce a measure that correlates well with the living reality of Singaporeans, who know that inequality is a problem here, but is not characterised by the poverty and absolute deprivation seen in many countries of similar ‘rank’.””

Walter Theseira, academic, NMP

  1. Oh boy, you too. Joining Calvin Cheng and the ackie not reading the report in its context or missed in speed reading to land a punch at the cybernuts. It is what each country did within its income level, so yes Afghanistan did better than SG in spending more than SG but it does not mean Afghanistan is a better place or SG is more deprived than Afghanistan. it is just more committed than SG. The MSM did report that SG ranked last among all economically advanced nations and that seems to be missed by Calvin and the ackie.

    • Trying to remind TOC that it has to persuade the swing voter. Lol

    • “As we know, what really matters to our people is the outcome. It’s the health outcome, it’s the educational outcome and those are fairly objective measures. So it is important for us to focus on the outcome and not get misled by input measures,” next PM.

      As retiree I’m happy that SingHealth gives me great value and public tpt is gd if peak hr travel is avoided. As for education,if “poor” kids are intelligent, not having $ is not a problem getting into elite schools.

      And I only paid a low top rate when I was earning.

      PAP could have done more for me, but then I never voted for PAP.

  2. Actually for someone with $800K to $1.2M portfolio, living in Dhaka can be very luxurious & “good” …. helps if you’re muslim too.

    Someone with a $1M retirement portfolio in S’pore will still need to live quite frugally.

    Unfortunately if you don’t even have close to $1M cash on-hand (which is basically 99% of the shrill voices both PAPpy bashers & huggers) then most countries also sama sama.

  3. Aiyoh …. storm in a teacup.

    Difference in perspective …. Oxffam talking in relative terms while PAPies insist on absolute terms.

    I wonder if it’s sign of the times for even govt & govt bodies to become so defensive & trot out minister after minster & PAPpy after PAPpy to act indignant and drone on & on & on…

    Just issue a short & sharp explanatory statement for the difference & be done with it.

    Social media & Instagram overload??

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